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It Aint No Big Thing - C.P. Miller - Come To Me Softly / It Aint No Big Thing (Vinyl)

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Weight with box is about 9 oz. For all discs, I'd ship in a 14x14x14" box padded. Weight with box is about 70 pounds 1 oz. Standard method within U. This includes delivery confirmation which enables you to track shipping of your package online. Bight of their neighbors boasted bare flat beds with raw edged structures atop. Reubin Askew and Claude Kirk are due to be face-to-face Saturday, but this time, they're not expected to be at each other's throats.

Instead, they'll be joining Julan, Bond cancels Homecoming speech Julian Bond, civil rights leader and politician who was scheduled to speak at the Omicron Delta Kappa ODK banquet on Saturday has cancelled the engagement for personalreamons.

The ODK banquet has been cancelled and tickets wiH be refunded from 2 to 5 p. The event, a part of the campus' traditional INomecoiing celebrations, will he held in Fia Gym from 11 a. Its purpose is to try "to get students and alumni together," according to Florida Blue Key's Jay Preston Silvemail, chairman of the affair. Brothers and sisters, the latter accompanied by acconanodating boyfriends, swarmed over the structues, connecting motors to moveable parts and pinning Boat paper onto st undefinable shp".

Such late night activities have been an annual affair for fraternities and sororities for the past four decades, with the exception of , when FBK did not sponsor competition. Throughout that time participation has been based on various reasons: to meet the challenge of competition, to maintain a tradition or to make the weekend's events meaningful. Homecoming is supposed to be fun -for alunmi, for students, for everybody," said Marsha Rogozenski, Sigma Kappa's house decorations chairman.

Though house decorations are not being erected in order to preach or teach, they are striving to convey a meaningfulmessage. Eighty thousand spectators are expected to line the parade's path, including students joyfuHy released from passes, dunid returning for the umpteenth time, Gainesville citizens glad for a diversion and visitors from as far away as Jacksonville. Both decorations and floats will be judged today by three-member panels selected from the UF staff and faculty.

In decorations, first and second place trophies will be awarded in sorority, fraternity and all campus divisions at half time of Saturday's game. Fratermity, fraternity-sorority, campus and humor divisions will be judged. Sunday afternoon, they and the house decorations will be carefully dismantled, and all that will remain of Greek involvement in Homecoming '71 will be celebration-caused headaches, half-formed memories and a few abandoned scraps of float paper. F -wxw. Pre-Growi, Florida Field.

Saturday a. S em. John Marshall Bar Aaaociation ihite, north terrace, Union. X 11 am. For each additional lne add 25 cents. The Florida Alligator reserves the right to act as sole judge of the suitability of any or all advertising copy submitted for publication, and the right to edit, revise, delay, or reject any adertising copy.

The group of women believe that FBK is a sexist organization and are voicing protest against the FBK policy of not permitting women to attend the organization's banquet. According to Harrison's statement, FBK would allow a spokesman from the women's group to read a statement at the banquet.

In exchange for these provisions, FBK asked for assurances that no disruptive confrontation would take place during the banquet "in view of the many distinguished visitors who are scheduled as guests at UF.

It is still our hope, however, that the banquet will go ahead without disruption and that responsible debate on women's rights and Blue Key membership can continue in the future in appropriate forums. The UPD has already start long lines. According to Levy, "I couldn't accept or reject the offer because 1 am not a representative of the group. Levy said the key issue the women are upset about is that FBK is a "sexist organization.

Murphry said the Muskie people have been trying to negotiate with FBK oit several issues including the exclusion of women from the banquet. Although mtost of the protestors are planning to attend Betty Friedan's speech, Levy did iention that a letter appeared ilt The Alligator last week asking fellow faculty sisters to boycott the FBK bansquet.

Center 14 S. Mai 7 W. Saturday at 9 a. Since O'Neil's graduation in he has been establishing his fame as an actor on Broadway, television and cinema.

The Broadway production of "Night of the Iguana" is considered by O'Neil to be the show which nade him a prominent actor. O'Neil, will come from Ocala to attend Gator Growl and the game. How shiek!! Smart and tardy: There will be an Alpha Lambda Delta late sign up held for all girls who have a 3.

SG is still taking -volunteers for their tutoring service. Mambo cubano: I guarantee you will never be able to figure this one out, ignore it.. Children's plates are 50 cents in advance and 60 cents at the door. Rule Britiania: that's not an encyclopedia company!! It's free too! Remmber the Nurdahakers?! Aricar Colonnle, Alo Availa. Now At Loctl Bookror. The Pricspal actorswe all American. The action is as authentic as possible, given the obvious need to condemn. Drl by the J. But mostly peoplepeople you have laughed and cried with.

One of the five has already been selected to reign over homecoming, but her identity swill not be revealed until tonight. The curiosity and suspense caused by such a situation have not prevented the girls from enjoying being together. A packed schedule of visits to Florida's major tourist attractions has kept the girls busy.

I'm impressed with how we've been treated," Scavo said. Scranton, an Alpha Tau Omega little sister and sweetheart candidate, feels that the traveling has been great because "the other girls are so much fun to be with. Because of this classification, 50 per cent of the Sweetheart contest was based on talent. Beauty in evening wear and bathing suits and personality and poise as revealed in a personal interview were other considerations in tl'e judging.

Scavo welcomed "better organization and more qualifid judges" than in past homecoming contests. Montgomery, who represented Delta Gamma sorority in the contest, stated that "the pageant used to be much chancier. Scranton, a philosophy major, agreed that two pageants would be desireable because it would "give more girls opportunities similar to ours now.

The hectic life of the past two weeks will continue until tonight. The tension vf. They will all cry -out of joy, out of relief, out of sorrow that they must stop making memones together. Univerity Ave. Luneh Dinner am. PAGE 8 Page 8. One group that has suffered greatly at the hands of imitators but continues to consider it "the greatest form of compliment know" is Blood, Sweat and Tears.

BS and T have been said to "Span the gap between generations because they put rock and jazz together with elements of the baroque, French impressionism and the big-band sounds of our recent musical past in compatible and exciting relationships," by Holiday magazine in a recent review.

Critics agree that there is perspective and balance in their music and the use of all, rather than just a few, technical and emotional tools. They want to move the young audience, of course, but also want to please the older audience who fegl alienated by so much of the present day "pop" music.

There was a tendency toward a goalan American sound that would represent the lives and circumstances of the Amenican people. The band soon became a "proclaimed democracy". The band's soloists began to do so more freely and the horn section, which had been critisized by jazz purists, began to live up to its potential. The music began to move as will the group, Blood, Sweat and Tears, for the audiences in Florida Field.

Shot on documentary style film stock, "Algiers" is a restaging of the events insthe Algerian freedom struggle from to Algerian government for locations and masses of people, director Gio Pontecorvo used only one professional actor. George said, "'Battle of Algiers' is a collection of sonie of the most sophisticated techniques ever combined in a single filii. Lectures on film and poetry have been presented this quarter, with drama and fiction coming up, in addition to George's critique of "Algiers.

Beverages Keg In ' Withers decided he wanted to be a singer so he moved to California and began playing the guitar "to save money on musicians. Following three years of touring record company offices with his home-made demo tapes, on an -4Pum. Johnson, for Bill Cosby's first feature film "Man and a Boy. He was wise not to take the janitor's position offered him awhile ago after he lost his job as an airplane mechanic.

George rning, but thesefare the days when all who McGovern, Abbie Hoffnann, Allen Ginsberg mnd earned with the welfare of higher education other antiwar, "radical" people. Until one day ake the time to examine the ailments that when, blade by blade, clump by clutmp, theI iorida ur progress. Legislature began to tear at its very "free-speaking coming should be enjoyed and we all urge soul. Weren't they days -geez," he muttered, groping deep in hdead? More like a buzzer than a bell, the weeks ago his father's fist came crashing interminably long, off-key ring rang.

The one -his comb tearing absently at his long brown hair, overriding truth of the Florida Joe Composite pedals along Joe was on his way. Where over 15, of UF's 23, the bone -to the roomy four pockets -. Where just three weeks before, cars tat counted when 23, students -the and pedestrians combed the city, block by block, slammed their alarms into oblivion and He had been away that weekend -last year.

He looking for a place to live. Spilling into the already he start of another week. It's all a big vainly, to provide housing for several hundred more He dropped the dime change into his matchbook -wooden, delapidated, peeling. And burned, was gone. What Easing quietly into the wooden seat, a totem pole For Joe, off campus had been the escape.

And breathing 'd find some way. Like me. The windows -shut tight, refusing to budge -Given any arguments -constitutional, moral, narl was on. The traffic backed up for were smeared with a thin film of dust. Its frame, even Biblical -Joe, like 6, campus residents had all directions, as Gainesville, once again, chipped and cracked all the way down one side ran dismissed restrictive visitation in simpler terms its inhabitants onto the irregular square into the cold bareness of the wall.

There were 25 seats in the room, their occupants quietly to nowhere. But even with the overflowing humanity, the non-mood. He'd room shriveled and stood naked, a reminder of It had been an eventful year. A bill regulaing bout it -it's effect on the environment, times past. The frequent call for the nt referendum. Sure, it'd take care of the lecturers' drone, was already gone. Tom from the ground to make way for the in the south, second to none in the nation," it had g into Anderson Hall, his bike safely indestructible astroturf, it grew dutifully, been a promising future.

And the ironic twist was lost on few of the On the eve of Homecoming The FlorId. Alligator, Friday, October Earlier this year, the controversy surrounding the tuition increase seemed more focused on making students pay more for their education and ending the my th of the "sacred cow" -education. Turner, answered the question of whether tuition increases price students out of college in one word, "absolutely.

Because of the lack of state funds a nd the resulting tuition increases, there arose the question of who had access to higher education. The Florida legislature has done something about the problem of equal access. The legislature phased out a number of special interest aid programs that served students who didn't need the ioney.

This created a S3 million state loan program. Bitt is is1ot etotmglt. According to Turner. Presently students below tlhcS7. If tuition goes ip again, students below the 10, income level will begin to be priced out a higher education, said Turner. This is our main problem," said Chandler. Besides the health center expansion, UF must also renovate some to the old, deteriorating buildings such as Rolfs and Peabody Halls, and also make pls'ns to repalce those buildings that are no longer adequate.

With each tuition increase, more students ask for financial aid, said Turner. The Florida Alligator, Friday, October But it is believed by many environmentalists that the intended Cross-Campus Highway will only add to the university traffic problem while possibly aiding those persons going from one side of the city to the other by way of the university.

Yet, as has occurred time and time again, by the time the highway is constructed it's obsolete. They don't want to express all criticism and add no ideas though. Environmentalists believe that the monies appropriated by the State Department of Transportation for the Loop's construction can best be used to improve existing busing on campus as well as separating and widening bicycle paths from auto traffic for the new breed of campus traveler. Students, informed of the proposed plans for a highway through the campus in a "No Road" rally held Oct.

In the first referendum, "Do you favor any proposal for a cross-campus highway," the vote amounted to affirmative votes and 3, against. The Lake Alice more specific of the two questions, "Do you approve of the construction of the Lake Alice Cross-Campus Highway," polled 3, in opposition and for.

O'Connell, asked if an overwhelming student vote might change his mind about going ahead with the project, he said that through reasoning, and not vote counts, can alternatives be reached.

The death of animals while attempting to escape across an asphalt moat, which is rather suitably called road-dil, will probably double or triple with the Loop's construction. Road-kill in itself usually wouldn't be enough of a reason to halt a project such as this. And, of course, in this case it's no different.

At least that's the indication from the numbers game which places black enrollment this year at as compared to last year's enrollment figure of And according to the registrar's office 1, students have not thus far indicated race on their registration forms. Last spring about students, half of UF's black student enrollment, withdrew from the university.

O'Connell in an act of civil disobedience while presenting a list of demands. Of the charges brought against the 72 students, 66 were given probationary sentences. The remaining students were involved in a confrontation with police behind Tigert Hall on the afternoon of April 15 , The request, initially made in November of UF students marched across campus last spring. Says Carter of the endeavor, "to work up the center is such a fragile thing -people weren't communicating with each other before.

According to new Project Director Randolph Bracey, the words "critical year" carried a negative connotation in the past. This is to enable students with high grade point averages but low financial resources to pursue higher education at UF. According to Bracey, "I think they're UF making a concerted effort in terms of minority recruitment of black students into the machinery of university life, but there's so much more to be done.

But in the end, speed, whatever the direction, is the prime cause of debate. University Attendance a Privileged Opportunity The State of Florida legally extends the privileges of admission to the University of Florida to those persons who meet h e academic qualifications, and the standards of health, character, and prior conduct. The right to inquire about a n d to recommend improvements in policies, regulations, and procedures affecting the welfare of students.

The right to participate in Student Government, and other student self-governing bodies which provide channels of communication and means for using democratic processes to solve problems, and better allowed. The responsibility for I knowledge and observance of those policies not herein enume rated M ich have been established and promulgated by appropriate University boards, designated University Committees, i.

The responsibility for taking the initiative in utilizing the services Of self-goveming activities to include volunteering for service on committes for which qualified. The right of freedom of expression as defi:id by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Florida, and as determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be applicable to the State University System of Florida, shall not be in any way prohibited or abridged; and the right of freedom of assembly will be recognized.

There can be no assembly or gathering which interferes with the educational programs of the University, or violates statutes goveming unlawful assembly.

The circulation of literature identified by authorship and sponsorship, and consonant with University regulations will be becoming full acquainted with the University Catalogue, Student Handbook, this document and other published policies for guidance to students; and living upto the agreement to abide by these regulations, which each student has signed upon application for admission to the University.

The right to join u n i v e r s i t y-a p prov ed organizations for educational, political, social, religious, and cultural purposes, within the limits imposed by their responsibility to eyh other and to the structural life of the University.

The responsibility to insure that no recognized organization has as a purpose either in name or in fact, the advocacy of overthrow of the government by force or other unlawful means; and that no s t u d e n t organization constitution, or other organizational document, may include discriminary clauses pertaining to race, creed, color, or national origin.

See Policies Pertaining to Organizations. The responsibility for Florida Showcase, P. Film -"Battle of Algiers", Norman Aud. Arts and Crafts Fall Workshops, 1 -5 P. Florida Showcase, 12 noon -6 P. Savant -U. Gator Growl, Florida Field, P. Bus tour of campus, highlighting colleges, 9 noon Presentation of Honorary Alumnus Award, 10 A. Maryland University, Florida Field, 2 P. Try a skunki Deecented, deciewed, lItter trained and has all his shots. Really lovable. Excellent mach cond.

Front weelle too. Includes cartridge, extra needle, dutcover, dutbug, etc. No spaces are currently available in Beaty Towers, but several other residence areas have space. Rent ratesnll bepro-rated to cover the reduced period of occupancy and the housing agreement will remain in effect for the balance of the agreement year. Come to or call Peace c-5tp Looking for the right girl to work as secretary with the potential for a permanent position.

Pay possbllItles excellent but scaled to abilities, Must have references and be either a Soph. Pease call Marjory at before 5 or or after 5 c-5tp Require sponsor for racing team. Annilargrel and Jules Rtifler.

Must be native English Speaking and have normal hearing. Please callCarman between 8 and 5 for an appointment. Earning ablites are unlimt and well above average. Mail Qualifi ions to Mr. Box , MaIden, Mass. Low mileage clean inside and out g-Stp Chevelle Malibu. Cross Creak Lodge 3 d25 at the Creek call I'm Your Aon Ladyl call to seetiger eye or onyx cuff links for men. GAME near section 43 row 50 call tnc found a pendant with monogram Jean at Baptist Student Centre sunday evening at India Club function call i-3tnc Found key ring with three keys near staircase in Little Hall.

Union tnc LOST: small it. Golden at sw 16 ave please tp LOST: girl's dark brown wallet contains many personal pictures and items. Smile, God Ioves youl tP decorate your room or yourmeet witn something handwrought Worr galneville artisans' market w. Fre detals Write box , Atlanta, Ga. Minas ZZ. Maryland has a big team, Florida is comparatively small. Maryland passes for less than Florida and Maryland comes into the game crippled while Florida is somewhat healthy.

But football games aren't palyed on paper. They're played on fields by people like Craig Fertig. Saturday's game at South Bend, Ind. Seymore was the main vwapon in Maryland's attack, but may be out for the season.

Florida's running game has been anemic, far less successful than Maryland's. Fertig, an unheralded quarterback, threw a touchdown pass to Rod Sherman with remaining in the game to give the Trojans a victory and Florida relied strictly on their rushers, but still managed a less than spectacular yards.

The Florida defense, though thoroughly outclassed by Alabama and ISU, has been spectular in the other four games the Gators have played, giving up only six touchdowns in those contests.

The two big defeats, to Alabama and to one of the major upsets of college football history. LSU, were against teams stronger than any Maryland has faced thus far. Law League football began Monday with nine ganus on tap and it looks as though the 21 team league will be a close one. Opening day action saw the "Magnificent Men" breeze by the "Pad" The "Frosh" opened their season by shutting out the "Muff Dobber," In other games, de "Seaballs" rolled over the "Walking Wounded" , the "Aardvarks" clipped the "League Champs" and the "Bamboozler's" bombed the "No Names" The "Maniacs" zipped by the "Allstars" and the "Trotters" and the "Subpoenas" had an all-out war, with the "Trotters" coning out on top, Skelton is a freshman who was the Florida State High School champion last year at Chaninade High, and was a top high school miler.

He placed first two weeks aito against FSU. The "Baibusters" kept their perfect record by trouncing the "'Pad" on Wednesday and the "Frosh" stayed on top with a win over the "Sweet Sweetbacks. Unique sound's will again be brought to you so students and parents alike are invited to join together in the fun. Box Phone Galill. PAGE 18 Pag There is nothing funny about getting hurt early in the football season, and knowing that you won't play again all year. Ecker, Silman and Eric Taggart along with Andy Cheney are four Florida players who won't be in the headlines this year.

Taggart's injury came in a motorcycle accident last spring. For Andy Cheney, it's the end of the line. He is a senior, and although he was hurt before the season started sad was red-shirted, chances are his bad knee will not aow him to play In a scrimmage a week before the Duke game, Cheney hurt his knee for the second time.

I was able to add some classes and I'm just trying to study as much as I can. The SEC has a red-shirt rule that if a player doesn't see action in a game and is hurt, he can sit out the season and not lose a year of eligibiity. But if a player is in one play of one gaSme and gets hurt, he loses eligibility for the entire year. In other conferences they have a hardship case rule where if a player doesn't change the fate of a game by making any big plays and he is hurt early in the year, he can still be red-shirted and not lose any eligibility.

He made the trawling squad as a second team guard and a member of the punting team. And if anyone hates the SEC red-shirt rule it's him. On the first play of his college John S lma views Alabama pm. I'll feel a lot better when I get the cast off and can start working out.

It's the mental pain when you can't play, that's the worst," said Silman. Some times I just sit and stare at my leg and think about not playing. That's what hurts the rst. They watch the players and try to find mistakes and criticize them. You're excited and trying to get ready for the game. That's all gone now and I have to do something to take it off my mind.

The unanimous response to that question was, "Hell, yes! We're He said his team had seen four films of the Gators in action this season and, "they look pretty good to me. They have a be t ter-than-average running game. He'll probably go in the first round of the pro draft lie's got what the pros are looking for.

Georgia Tech was last season, including a Sun Bowl victory, after having gone three years in a row and Coach Bud Carson was among those who predicted even better things for ' Meanwhile, "Bye Bye Bud" signs have broken out on campus. Pat Sullivan got off to a slow start in defense of his NCAA total offense title -but the Auburn quarterback is starting to move up.

Sullivan, not even in the top 25 after Auburn's first two games, jumped to the 14th spot after the Kentucky game; to 11th last meek; and now, after gaining yards against Georgia Tech, is fifth nationally with an average of Also, the senior quarterback of the nation's fifth-ranked team now leads all major-college passers with an average of Virginia Tech's Don Strock leads all major-college players in total offense with his A rumor has cropped up to the effect that Bear Bryant will retire a the end of this season if the Crimson Tide is undefeated.

The rumor goes on to say that year-old Tennessee Coach Bill Battle, who played for Bryant at Alabama, is Bryant's choice to succeed him. March 27, — via www. Cashbox Magazine. Retrieved Rate Your Music. Archived from the original on November 12, London: Guinness World Records Ltd. Retrieved June 18, Stevie Wonder. Songs in the Key of Life Tour. Book Category. Hidden categories: Use mdy dates from February Articles with hAudio microformats.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Contribute Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. More Than A Woman A Girl Like You Rock The Boat 7. Are You Ready 4. Try Again Are You Feelin' Me 8. Come Back In One Pieces feat. D… At Your Best 2. You Won't See Me Tonight feat. Best Friends 6. If Your Girl Only Knew Miss You 3. Hot Like Fire feat. Timbaland Re… Final Warning feat.

Genuwine 7. One In A Million 4. If Your Girl Only Knew feat. Kray… …10 additional tracks. Introduction: Come To The Party 9. Real Good Time 2. Aaron's Party Come Get It Girl You Shine 3. I Want Candy 4. Bounce 5. My Internet Girl 6. That's How I Beat Shaq 8. Iko Iko Another Earthquake! Do You Remember Oh Aaron 8 Aaron Carter 1. Oh Aaron 2. Come Follow Me 6. Baby It's You 7. Im All About You 2. Nick Carter Town Line 9 Aaron Lewis 1. The Story Never Ends 2.

Vicious Circles 3. Country Boy 4. Tangled Up In You 5. Massachusetts 6. Country Boy Radio Edit 7. Country Boy Acoustic Version Abba 10 Abba 1. Mamma Mia 8.

Rock Me 2. Hey Hey Helen 9. Intermezzo 3. Tropical Loveland I've Been Waiting for You 4. So Long 5. Man in the Middle 6. Bang-A-Boomerang 7. The Album 11 Abba 1. Eagle 8. I Wonder Departure 2. Take A Chance on Me 9. I'm A Marionette 3. One Man One Woman 4. The Name of the Game 5. Move on 6. Hole in Your Sole 7. Thank You for the Music Gold 12 Abba 1. Dancing Queen 8. The Winner Take It All Does Your Mother Know 2. Knowing Me Knowing You 9. Money Money Money One Of Us 3. Take A Chance On Me The Name Of The Game 4.

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    Fugees-Killing Me Softly-CDSiSOCELL Fugees-Take It Easy-VLSWHOA Heavy D and the Boyz Feat Pete Rock and Friends-Dont Curse-VinylCMS Heavy D and the Boyz-Big Tyme-Promo CDSOSC Robbie Craig-It Aint Easy-VinylUSF Robbie F Feat. Roby Barrera-Walking In The Rain-WEBFALCON.
  7. Yoshicage says:
    me up into a ball as she spoon fed me a heaping plate of lovin’ soul, singing “Give” just to me. Gladys & The Pips’ “Come See About Me” pre-dates The Supremes’ hit and it’s a totally different song. Ain’t no Motown pop here. “Shoes” by Brook Benton is a clever tune describing a man trying to move on but he keeps going back.
  8. Muktilar says:
    Eurythmics B Sides, Live & Remixes 2 n/a various 80m A- Winter Wonderland, Come Together, Precious, Rich Girl, See No Evil, Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me, Something In The Air, I’ve Got A Life, Was It Just Another Love Affair, Your Time Will Come (live), Never Gonna Cry Again (live), Take Me To Your Heart (live), Satellite Of.
  9. Yoktilar says:
    + 45RPM ARTIST last name begin A..M some w orig pic sleeves MOSTLY $ ea - $ Artists "A..M" Boxes of + ** 45 rpm ** Some original picture sleeves, too! ** Buy some or all -- minimum order $5 + ship, please Items in this lot are: A group of (+) 45rpm records with artists last name beginning with the letter "A..M" as shown below Special note to foreign bidders: NO FOREIGN SHIP.

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